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After All Starz


Where do students go once they graduate from All Starz? It’s simple – the school of their choice! Some students enroll in our local public schools. Other students go to private schools in the Triangle area, including Chesterbrook Academy, Thales Academy, The Raleigh School, Durham Academy, Ravenscroft School, St. Michael Catholic School, Sterling Montessori Academy, and others. No matter which school they pick, our children enter this new chapter of their lives fully prepared for the fun and exciting challenges it will bring.

Pam and I can't thank you enough for the super job you have done with Josie and Sam. We were at another five star program in Cary before All Starz and there is no comparison. Your entire staff's professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched. Sam's transition into Kindergarten was excellent and I'm sure Josie's will be, too.


- Parent of a child in the Senior Program and a recent graduate



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