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Family is the heart of our school. We are family owned and operated, after all. Children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and even favorite “loveys” are all a part of our extended family and we cherish each relationship. From a child’s first day of school to their Senior graduation, we are there every little step of the way – working together to help them reach their full potential and become confident, adventurous, and independent individuals.


Children often come back to visit after graduation, excited to share what they are learning at their “big kid school.” They make several stops at each classroom, running into the open arms of all of their favorite teachers. It’s this bond and sense of family that makes All Starz a great place to be. 


Our families come from many different backgrounds. We invite you to meet some of them and find out more about why parents choose All Starz for their child’s first educational experience.

We have been with All Starz since our son was three months old. The care he received went above and beyond what can be outlined in a brochure or on a website...and the teachers he had in every room became almost like family. I am humbled by the experience we have had at All Starz.


- Parent of a child in the Senior Program



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