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Leadership Team


Our directors welcome each person to the All Starz Campus. They know every child and parent, and before long, each grandparent and stuffed “lovey” that may become a part of our All Starz family.


The directors ensure that every person, whether child or educator, is in the right place at the right time. Members of the Leadership Team also answer every phone call. We want to be connected to our families and stay “in the know” for the well-being of the children and the continued improvement of our school. And when a child becomes ill or is injured, it is a director who will call the child’s parent to inform them.


All members of our Leadership Team are trained in the proper administration of medications and we have a specific locked cabinet for medications and medical supplies. We provide CPR (infant, child, and adult) and First Aid training for our educators and Leadership Team every two years, and we conduct refresher courses in the alternate years. All members of our Leadership Team and all educators in our Infant Program are also ITS-SIDS (Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep and SIDS Risk Reduction) certified.


We always seek to promote from within. Almost all of the professionals on our Leadership Team began as teachers and, therefore, know what a teacher’s day is really like – what challenges they encounter and what kind of support they truly need.


Our Directors share responsibility for many aspects of our campus. They are all a point of contact whenever a parent or teacher has a question or concern – at any point in time. From answering the very first phone call you place to schedule a tour, to checking up on your little one during his first week, and on to communicating important information like new allergies your child might have or a pick-up by auntie for a special occasion, the Directors make sure the entire school is running smoothly. Their friendly faces and warm personalities are the first ones you see in the morning and the last ones you see when you are on your way home for the day. Passionate about what they do, our Directors work hard to make sure your family’s experience with All Starz is exceptional. There is a lot of work done behind the scenes on a daily basis that makes All Starz run efficiently. We are very thankful to have such a dedicated and talented group of professionals on our team!

I can't say enough about Ms. Laura and the other front office staff. So incredibly sweet. Never once have they not shown concern over something that I as a mother had as a concern!


  - Parent of children in the Young Freshmen and Junior Programs

and a recent graduate



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