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Welcome Area


Our lobby is our “welcome center” - an area for families to be welcomed to All Starz and an area where families greet one another. It is also where the partnership between staff and families begins.


Parents and staff members use a Personal Identification Number to gain access to the building and a biometric fingerprint reader to check in and out, ensuring each child’s safety. Once inside, a Director or Assistant Director will greet you and your child by name. Members of the Leadership Team answer the phones and greet every person at the front door. And during busy drop-off and pick-up hours, it is a Director or Assistant Director who will open the front door for you, greeting you by name and helping you with your child’s car seat and other belongings. We believe this face-to-face interaction is fundamental to the sense of family you will see throughout our school.


While their parent is utilizing the check-in computer, many children will stop to browse the poster about that week’s curriculum theme, conveniently hung at their eye level. 


There are video cameras in each classroom and outdoor playground that display on monitors in the Welcome Area. New parents often stop to watch their children after dropping them off, surprised at how quickly they transition and begin playing with their friends. Parents are also given remote access to the camera feeds through a secure website, giving you peace of mind and a chance to “peek in” throughout your child’s day at school.


For our infant parents, we have a designated space in the Welcome Area for you to leave your child’s car seat each morning. We also have a private room for nursing mothers, just off the Welcome Area. This room, with a rocking chair and low lighting, is available at all times.


Leaving the Welcome Area, many parents stop at the bulletin board to check in on what’s happening around All Starz. Information such as the menu, calendar, school newsletter, and specialty program activities is posted for easy viewing. This same information is also emailed to parents at the beginning of each month, just in case you need to reference something while away from school.


The Directors’ office is located just past the Welcome Area and has large windows looking into the hallway, allowing for easy supervision throughout the day.

We have always appreciated the friendliness and the personal attention that we receive at All Starz. From the moment you walk in there is always someone there to greet you by name and with a smile.


- Parent of a child in the Freshman Program



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