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Outdoor Playgrounds


Toddlers and four-year-olds are different. Their classrooms are specifically designed to reflect and support their different physical abilities and interests, and we believe that their playgrounds should, too.


Our outdoor playground is divided into four separate areas, specifically matched to each developmental stage: infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-Kindergartners. Over 23,000 square feet of playgrounds provide ample space for the children to run around and play with their friends. 


But children need more than just a climber and swings, so that’s why we offer so much more than the average child care facility. We provide state-of-the-art equipment, along with safety fall zones and grassy areas in our playing fields so the children can play and run freely. We have climbing structures, playhouses, a basketball court, sand and water play areas, art and music areas, construction blocks for building, and plenty of toys to ride on and push around. We bring the classroom outside with a wide variety of equipment to enhance the play and learning opportunities in our outdoor areas to ensure that the children have fun!


A six-foot iron fence (free from splinters for little fingers) ensures safety and provides an opportunity for the children to observe the natural world around them. Two gates are used for emergency evacuations, but remain locked throughout the day.


During the spring and summer weeks, children in the Sophomore through Senior programs tend to their organic garden, where they cultivate their own plants, flowers, and organic fruits and vegetables. The spring and summer months also provide the perfect atmosphere for nature walks, picnics, and stroller rides. And we can’t forget that summer also means visits to the Splash Park and the opportunity to cool off during those hot summer days.

The facilities stand out far above other options we explored in making our choice in child care. And All Starz puts a lot of effort into creating an environment that encourages learning and gives children a head start.


- Parents of a child in
the Infant Program



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