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Daycare vs. Preschool


The Difference between Daycare and School


"If a large opinion survey were conducted on the difference between schools and childcare for preschool children, school-based programs (nursery schools and kindergartens) would be described as more educationally focused while childcare programs would be seen as more custodial," writes Ellen Galinsky, co-president of the Families and Work Institute in New York, in her book The Preschool Years.



All Starz Children’s Academy is a School


Expectations for our teachers go above and beyond mere “supervision.” Our degreed Educators work in partnership with each of our young scholars, even our infants, to ensure they develop skills in six key areas:


  1. Cognitive – critical thinking and problem solving

  2. Language – understanding words and using them effectively

  3. Fine Motor – fine-tuning the small muscles of the fingers, toes, and wrists

  4. Gross Motor – strengthening the large muscles in the arms, legs, torso, and feet

  5. Social and Emotional – knowing one’s self, appropriately expressing one’s feelings, and interacting effectively with others

  6. Independence – relying on one’s self to accomplish routine tasks such as hand washing and dressing


Every Lead Teacher and Specialty Teacher develops a curriculum lesson plan that outlines the exciting activities children will be guided through as they work on each of these developmental areas. Each lesson plan is centered on one of our engaging biweekly themes, which range from bugs to the human body, and transportation to celebrations around the world.


Children have fabulous imaginations. They are adventurous, curious, and active learners making new discoveries in the world around them. It is our job as educators to foster these innate pursuits while helping them develop the necessary skills for school and life.



Experience Our School


You can find more information on the specific skills that are fostered for each developmental stage on our Programs pages.


We invite you to take a tour of All Starz and see how learning becomes child’s play at our school.


We trust All Starz Children’s Academy to provide amazing care for our child AND a learning environment that is certain to give our son a head start entering into school. The facilities stand out far above other options we explored in making our choice in child care. And All Starz puts a lot of effort into creating an environment that encourages learning and gives children a head start. Without a doubt, All Stars Children’s Academy is THE choice for daycare.


- Parents of a child in

the Infant Program



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