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Organic Garden


Where does a cucumber come from? As they tend our organic garden, children learn about our earth, life cycles, and the origin of food.


Each classroom has a specific plot, and the children are in charge of deciding what they will grow. Whether they pick flowers, vegetables, strawberries, or beans, the children work with their teachers to till the soil, plant the seeds, nurture the seedlings, weed, and finally harvest the fruits of their labor. If the children decided to grow a fruit or vegetable, anything they pick is added to that day’s lunch, teaching the children life lessons about making good food choices and how such choices affect our health.


And while the children are in the organic garden, they take a moment to refill the bird seed in the bird feeder, observe the spider’s progress in spinning her web between the fence posts, watch our caterpillars build a chrysalis and emerge as butterflies, and check the thermometer and rain gauge for changes from the previous day.

The staff at All Starz are all hands-on and truly the best in the area. All Starz is the ONLY daycare I recommend!


- Parent of a child in the Sophomore Program

and a recent graduate



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