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Each campus has a state-of-the-art, fully-equipped indoor gym that is the highlight of the children’s gross motor skills development at All Starz. Beginning in the Young Freshmen class, children visit this large indoor play space on rainy days and for special class activities. Starting in the Sophomore Program, children visit this large indoor play space each morning. Versatile experiences such as dancing with handkerchiefs, chasing bubbles, jumping through hula hoops, or adventuring through obstacle courses provide opportunities to strengthen their gross motor skills. In addition to this wonderful indoor gymnasium, all of our children enjoy the outdoors with fresh air and sunshine twice each day on their outdoor playgrounds.


The indoor gymnasiums are also home to our Sports and Movement Program, which provides an introduction to the basic skills for soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, and t-ball along with tumbling and creative movement.

We have been at All Starz for almost four years, since our daughter was an infant. We love the webcam - it really helps provide a sense of connection with our daughter throughout the work day. The gym is also a nice feature that not many schools have. 


- Parent of a child in the Junior Program



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