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Bright, clean, and spacious classrooms that contain child-sized furniture and accessories create an inviting atmosphere and promote a safe, nurturing environment in which growing children can thrive and come alive with ideas.


With each developmental stage, children transition from one program to the next. These programs are based in our classrooms, which include:


  • A cubby and mailbox for each child, one to hold their personal items and the other for sending important notes and artwork home.


  • A classroom bulletin board that has pictures and short biographies of each teacher to help parents connect with the educators caring for their children. In addition, the classroom’s daily schedule, biweekly curriculum plan, and monthly menu are posted for parents’ convenience.


  • Age and developmentally appropriate toys, books, manipulatives, and other supplies.


  • A separate changing area or restroom that is designed to be somewhat private, yet open enough to maintain supervision.


  • Rest cots and a supply of linens, such as sheets and blankets, provided for each child that are washed and sanitized weekly. In our Infant Program, the crib sheets and other linens are washed daily.


  • A developmentally appropriate outdoor playground that is adjacent to and accessible directly from each classroom.


  • Large windows that look out onto the playgrounds and inside to the hallways, allowing adults to observe classes and children to enjoy natural sunlight throughout the day.


As wonderful as these physical classroom spaces are, they would be nothing without the loving people who lead them. Our Educators are the heart of our school – they love their students and their job. Our children spend each day filling the classrooms with laughter and excitement as they play, interact, and make new discoveries.

Our two kids have been enrolled for a year now and we couldn't be happier! Top-rate facility; large and clean environment. The owners, overall staff, and teachers are very engaged with the parents, creating a wonderful team effort in order to provide the best quality of education. The curriculum is fantastic and we are amazed to see how our kids have been developing their skills and knowledge. 


- Parents of children in the Freshman and
Junior Programs



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