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Educators' Lounge


Each child has his or her own space on our campus - a classroom specifically designed to meet their developmental needs, a cubby and mailbox within that classroom to hold their personal items, a chair at the classroom table for meal times, a designated spot within the classroom for their rest cot, and a special spot on the classroom carpet for circle time each morning.


When we designed our campus, we made sure that our educators had their own space as well. During their breaks, lunch times, and planning times, teachers gather in our Educators’ Lounge to create projects for their classrooms, brainstorm ideas for new and exciting lessons, and strengthen the camaraderie that exists in our school community.


The walls of this space are covered with educators’ “Staff Profiles,” which are full of little tidbits about each teacher such as their favorite color, their pet’s name, their favorite sports team, and their favorite restaurant. 


We are proud to celebrate our “Exceptional Educator” each month. This individual is someone who has gone above and beyond when it comes to implementing new and exciting curriculum ideas, addressing a parent’s question or concern, and taking the time to form a special bond with each child. Our “Exceptional Educator” is given a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant, recognized in our monthly school newsletter, and a star is placed on their “Staff Profile” for all to see.

No matter who you come into contact with, you are greeted with a smile and people who really care and love what they do!!!


- Parent of a child in

the Junior Program



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