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Classroom Educators


Our dedicated and professional educators are the heart of the All Starz family. They provide a caring environment of love and understanding for our children that encourages the growth, education, and development of the whole child.


We have four types of teachers at All Starz:


Lead Teachers


Every classroom has a Lead Teacher. These individuals are responsible for the general supervision and management of their classroom. Lead Teachers monitor the day-to-day care and education that your child receives, assist new families with transitioning into the classroom, and provide ongoing communication. Lead Teachers are also responsible for planning and executing educational activities in accordance with their classroom’s curriculum plan. Our Lead Teachers mentor their Assistant Teachers in all of these areas, ensuring each Assistant is fully prepared for a promotion when the opportunity arises.



Assistant Teachers


Every classroom has an Assistant Teacher. These individuals support their Lead Teacher with the general supervision and management of their classroom. Assistant Teachers help prepare and implement the daily educational activities, welcome new students to the classroom and help them cultivate new friendships, and provide ongoing communication. Assistant Teachers are guided by their Lead Teachers from their first day in a classroom, making it easy for them to step up and perform the Lead Teacher’s responsibilities when she is out sick or on vacation.



Specialty Teachers


Specialty Teachers are an important part of the All Starz family. From an early age, children have the opportunity to participate in music, Spanish, and sports and movement classes each week. These subjects are all taught by Specialty Teachers who have a Bachelor’s Degree in their subject area or extensive hands-on experience in their field. Specialty Teachers develop fun and individualized lesson plans for children of multiple ages, shaping their lessons to apply to children from ages one to five. These teachers are passionate about their subjects and thoroughly enjoy being a part of each child’s week.



Floating Teachers


Our Floating Teachers, affectionately called “Floaters,” play a vital role in our school. They move throughout all of the classrooms, offering an extra set of hands during messy art projects, providing planning times for teachers, covering lunch breaks, and standing in for teachers who may be out sick or on vacation. Like our Specialty Teachers, our Floaters are talented in their ability to work with any age group throughout the school. Before long, they know each child in the entire school by name.


Our son has been at All Starz since he was 3 months old. The infant teachers made me feel that my son was the only baby in the room. They gave him so much attention and love that I honestly would sometimes forget that they were taking care of other babies. As he has graduated from class to class we have found that all of the teachers have the same loving and caring demeanor. The staff at All Starz go above and beyond to ensure that we know our son is safe and in good care.


- Parent of a child in the Freshman Program



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