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Caring for a child is about building relationships – with the child and with their parents. At All Starz, we know each and every child. We are committed to helping them discover who they are, build upon their strengths, and enrich areas that may need more help. We also know each and every parent, and we are committed to keeping them informed about their child’s development and, when necessary, asking for support in the form of practicing skills at home. 



Daily Reports


Every day, educators complete a handwritten Daily Report for each child. Information on meals, naps, diapering and potty times, and classroom activities are included. As the children grow, the information becomes less focused on routine-care items and more focused on the developmental activities each child was exposed to that day and how they responded to those activities. Each daily report ends with an “Ask me about…” line where parents are given topics that make it easier to spark a conversation in the car ride home or at the dinner table.



Developmental Assessments


Three times a year, our educators conduct developmental assessments for each child. These detailed checklists cover every developmental area within our curriculum (cognitive skills, language and communication, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, and independence skills) and provide an overview of each child’s progress.


Parent-Teacher Conferences are held soon after the mid-year developmental assessments are sent to parents. These meetings provide time for uninterrupted conversation between parents and their child’s teacher. Important information regarding accomplishments and potential areas for additional help is easily shared during these discussions.



Milestones Journals


From their very first day at All Starz, each child has a Milestones Journal. With entries made on a weekly basis, these journals document everything. Samples of everyday activities, such as artwork or handwriting practice, are dated and added to the journal. Pictures of class projects and play time with friends are added to the mix. And developmental milestones, such as the first time an infant takes steps on his own or the first time a four-year-old zips up her jacket unassisted, are recorded moments after they happen. When a child transitions from one class to the next, the journal goes as well.


Once a month, parents have the opportunity to take their child’s journal home for the weekend. In addition to browsing through all of the new entries added by their child’s teacher, we encourage parents to add entries of their own about vacations, family visits, or milestones that happen at home. Flipping through the pages of any child’s journal, it’s easy to see how much they have grown and learned!

I've been with All Starz since they opened in 2008. From day one, everyone has been so professional, communicative, and very loving to my children. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing my children are taken care of so well while I'm at work. I can especially appreciate their curriculum and individualized assessments. My son was extremely prepared when he started Kindergarten. They are definitely a top-notch academy.


- Parent of a child in the Junior Program and a recent graduate



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