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Our daughter receives excellent care, is known by the teachers and management, and everyone is a pleasure to speak with each day. They are all so very understanding, and our daughter is getting so much from her teachers. She is learning her colors, recognizing letters and recognizes so many different things, and it seems to increase daily. I am thoroughly impressed and think we made the best decision to bring our daughter here. We feel she is in the best possible hands outside of our own! The whole center feels like family to us, since they see her more than most of her other family members, and sometimes more than us! Thank you for everything you do!


- Parent of a child in the Sophomore Program

Meet Our Families


Family is the heart of our school. We are family owned and operated, after all. Our families come from many different backgrounds. We invite you to meet some of them and find out more about why parents choose All Starz for their child’s first educational experience.


I have had three children attend All Starz and have nothing but excellent things to say about our experience.  The wonderful teachers and staff are always welcoming, caring and patient.  My children have always been happy and willing to go to school each day. I am completely comfortable dropping my children off each morning and am confident in the care I know my children receive.  Thank you for all you do!


- Parent of children in the Freshman and Senior Programs

Our daughter, now three years old, has been at All Starz since she was three months old. Although our friends with children in other preschools find it difficult to believe, we have never had a negative experience at All Starz. The facility is beautiful and clean, the teachers are educated and loving, learning is a priority while simultaneously allowing the children to enjoy every minute of these precious days. Our daughter routinely surprises us with knowledge of things I didn't think she would know or understand for years to come. The administrative staff are kind, caring and committed. Safety is a clear priority with cameras available throughout the facilities, electronic and in-person monitoring of entry ways, and appropriate guidelines for children and parents. I could not be happier with our choice to enroll our daughter at All Starz!


- Parent of a child in the Junior Program

Our family has been a part of the All Starz family for over 4 years and we look forward to another 3 years before our youngest son will graduate. We feel that the owners, management, staff and teachers all genuinely care for the children and each other, and it’s confirmed by the smiles we see greeting us at the door of the school and the classrooms each day. We never have to worry about safety or our son’s learning experience…we feel comfortable dropping off our “baby” every morning knowing that he will be cared for and loved all day long. The facility is clean and bright with plenty of room for outdoor and inside gym play. All Starz is by far one of the best childcare facilities we’ve ever experienced in our 9 years of being parents.


- Parents of a child in the Freshman Program

All Starz is a great place. Our two kids have been enrolled for a year now and we couldn't be happier! Top-rate facility; large and clean environment. The owners, overall staff, and teachers are very engaged with the parents, creating a wonderful team effort in order to provide the best quality of education. The curriculum is fantastic and we are amazed to see how our kids have been developing their skills and knowledge. We are very thankful to be part of the All Starz family!


- Parents of children in the Freshman and Junior Programs

We trust All Starz Children’s Academy to provide amazing care for our child AND a learning environment that is certain to give our son a head start entering into school. The facilities stand out far above other options we explored in making our choice in child care. And All Starz puts a lot of effort into creating an environment that encourages learning and gives children a head start. But what stands out the most is the exceptional staff at All Starz, always making us feel welcome and ensuring us that our child is safe and loved while at daycare. Without a doubt, All Stars Children’s Academy is THE choice for daycare.


- Parents of a child in the Infant Program

Having attended several preschools from moving around, we can say with certainty that All Starz is one of the best. Our two kids are thriving and love to go to school.


- Parents of children in the Sophomore and Senior Programs

Pam and I can't thank you enough for the super job you have done with Josie and Sam. We were at another 5 star program in Cary before All Starz and there is no comparison. Your entire staff's professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched. Sam's transition to Kindergarten was excellent and I'm sure Josie's will be, too.


- Parent of a child in the Senior Program and a recent graduate

We have been with All Starz since our son was 3 months old - their commitment to quality is something that we value on a daily basis. As a first time mother, leaving my son to go back to work was a traumatic experience. The staff at All Starz not only made sure that my son was taken care of but also made sure that I was! His teachers checked in with me - many times much more than they were expected to and always to ensure my peace of mind! The care he received went above and beyond what can be outlined in a brochure or on a website....and the teachers he had in every room became almost like family. I feel that the classroom lessons at every stage of his development have been instrumental in preparing him to be a success when he starts Kindergarten. I am humbled by the experience we have had at All Starz.


- Parent of a child in the Senior Program

We had such an amazing feeling the first time we walked into All Starz for our tour. It just felt "right." Our son has been at All Starz for two years now and we have loved every teacher that he has had. The office staff is always so welcoming and helpful. Every morning our two year old runs to the door and says "School! School!" Nothing makes you feel better than that!


- Parents of a child in the Sophomore Program

We are on our 3rd child growing up with All Starz for these beginning formative years. There are so many things to love about this daycare. Cleanliness and spaciousness of the facility, outstanding teachers that truly love your child (Ms. Robin, Ms. Erin, Ms. Kelsey, Ms. Jordan, Ms. Emily, Ms. Brianna, Ms. Sade, Ms. Leah, Ms. Julia, Ms. Cassy, Ms. Rachel...I could go on), and excellent quality food – they strive to give healthy, balanced meals that are still kid-friendly so your children actually eat them. The activities and centers this school has are engaging and educational. Programs like learning Spanish, or fitness programs like JumpBunch are included in the tuition so it isn't an isolating activity for your child with or without his/her friends (and an extra expense for the parents). All Starz brings the community to them by having visits from the fire and police departments. They provides cameras to view your child's day while you are at work, which just makes you feel like you are still a part of their day and reassures you as a parent. I can't say enough about Ms. Laura and the other front office staff. So incredibly sweet. Last but not least, this is a family run daycare. I see Ms. Terri and Mr. Joe as warm, caring people. Never once have they not shown concern over something that I as a mother had as a concern! They always know my name and the names of my children. Thank you All Starz!


- Parent of children in the Young Freshman and Junior Programs and a recent graduate

We can't say enough good things about All Starz. Our son has been there since he was 4 months old and is nearly 4 now. He has been surrounded by amazing teachers who have provided a fun, loving learning environment. As a working mom, it means the world to me that I know my son is happy and in a safe learning environment. No matter who you come into contact with, you are greeted with a smile and people who really care and love what they do!!!


- Parent of a child in the Junior Program

We enrolled our son Zachary at All Starz around 4 months old and now he is almost 7 months. We'd looked at several of the local daycares in the Morrisville/Cary area and, without question, All Starz was by far and away the best choice. Our tour was fantastic and very in depth. All Starz offers a nice blend of curriculum and play which is what we wanted. The turnover seemed to be relatively low which was important to us as well. They easily have the nicest facilities of all the 5-star daycares we visited and we just had a great connection with all of the teachers and staff we met. Zach loves all of his teachers at All Starz and we are very comfortable every time we drop him off. They provide awesome feedback on how every day goes and are really good about communicating anything Zach needs. Overall, we've had a fantastic experience at All Starz, from the ownership down. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking in the area for a great daycare!


- Parents of a child in the Infant Program

Having multiple daycare options in the RTP can be overwhelming for parents. The second we walked in the door of All Starz, we knew it was the place for Leah. Ms. Robin greeted us in the infant room with kindness and reassurance, and Ms. Laura walked us around the school taking us from room to room explaining what happens day to day in each classroom. Leah has been there for 4 and a half years now and we have loved every minute of our time at All Starz. All the teachers, staff, and support personnel are sincerely interested in every member of our family. Leah is more than ready for Kindergarten, and our time at All Starz is a major contributor to her preparedness. They knocked our socks off, and we couldn't imagine any other start for her. Thank you for all you've done and all you do for the school and community.


- Parents of a child in the Senior Program

All Starz feels like an extension of home. Everyone knows our child's name AND they know all the parents by name, too.  The All Starz family does a great job of taking care of our family.


- Parents of a child in the Freshman Program

It is amazing to watch our son develop. His teachers, Ms. Emily and Ms. Brianna, could not have been more supportive when he was learning to walk. He is learning new words on a daily basis. And he is being taught structure – he often puts his things back where they belong without having to be asked.  My mother has commented that his vocabulary and skills are advanced for his age, stating "Daycare is helping him to flourish."


- Parent of a child in the Freshman Program

After having four kids and going through a couple of moves, I have been through many daycares. There is nothing better than a family owned and operated child care facility. It is the only daycare that I never sit and watch the cameras or question the teachers. The staff at All Starz are all hands-on and truly the best in the area. All Starz is the ONLY daycare I recommend!


- Parent of a child in the Sophomore Program and a recent graduate

I’ve been with All Starz since they opened in 2008. From day one, everyone has been so professional, communicative, and VERY loving to my children. I can honestly say that I am at complete ease, and have complete peace of mind with my children under their care. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing my children are taken care of so well while I’m at work. I can especially appreciate their curriculum and individualized assessments. My son was extremely prepared when he started Kindergarten. I attribute a large part of his success in Kindergarten to their school preparation program. I can’t say enough wonderful things about All Starz! They are definitely a top-notch academy.


- Parent of a child in the Junior Program and a recent graduate

Once I leave my 3-year-old daughter at All Starz and head to work, I just don't worry about her! She is in good hands. The teachers in her class greet me and my daughter when we walk in with a welcoming smile, appreciating her dress, hair, etc. and making a bright start! I have not had any complaints from my daughter about anything! What I also appreciate is the Directors opening the door for us to enter the premises. They have a security keypad, but I have not used it even once! What I mean to say is, they don't just rely on technology, but a person in charge of watching who is coming in with a warm greeting. This is such a kind gesture and very much appreciated! Parents who carry a child in a car seat find it so helpful! Overall we are very satisfied and give five stars!!!!


- Parent of a child in the Junior Program

Our son has been at All Starz since he was 3 months old. We have always appreciated the friendliness and the personal attention that we receive at All Starz. From the moment that you walk in there is always someone there to greet you by name and with a smile. The infant teachers made me feel that my son was the only baby in the room. They gave him so much attention and love that I honestly would sometimes forget that they were taking care of other babies. As he has graduated from class to class we have found that all of the teachers have the same loving and caring demeanor. The staff at All Starz go above and beyond to ensure that we know our son is safe and in good care. Now that he is a toddler, we love being surprised by things that he has learned at school, such as sign language, body parts and animal noises. I would highly recommend All Starz to anyone looking for a high quality daycare center.


- Parent of a child in the Freshman Program

I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for our daughter!  As you know we had a rough start, but once we got through that everything has been wonderful! We cannot believe how much she has learned in the three months since arriving at All Starz. Miss Jen and Miss Katie are incredible, and she has never been involved in as many different activities on a daily basis as she is now! We love the curriculum, and it seems to work so well. Our daughter loves the daily structure that is in place, and tells us that she has "lots of work to do" each day!  She has never enjoyed daycare as much as she does now, and seems so happy, comfortable and content, looking forward to each day as we drop her off. She seems to love all the teachers and staff she interacts with, as do we! We feel so fortunate to have found your center (thanks to our awesome neighbors!) and we are excited to see our daughter flourish, and then have our baby boy move up through the center once he is born! Finding good childcare is so challenging, so to find a place as incredible as All Starz makes each day so much better for our family. Thank you for all you do.


- Parents of children in the Young Freshman and Senior Programs

We have been at All Starz for almost four years, since our daughter was an infant. We've been very happy with the teachers, the administrative and support staff, and the school as a whole. Our daughter loves her teachers and has learned so much at All Starz. We love the webcam – it really helps provide a sense of connection with our daughter throughout the work day. The gym is also a nice feature that not many schools have. Overall, we are very happy and can't recommend All Starz enough.


- Parents of a child in the Junior Program

All Starz is the 3rd daycare that we have tried for our kids (2 years old and 8 months old) and absolutely the best one!! The difference is the PEOPLE. You walk in here and everyone is extremely friendly, know your name, all your kids' and spouse's names, open the door for you, put away and bring out your car seat, and I can go on and on. It’s like no one here ever has a bad day! We absolutely LOVE and TRUST this place with our kids and highly recommend it. We are walking distance from another preschool in Cary but we drive 10-15 minutes to come to All Starz everyday!


- Parents of children in the Infant and Sophomore Programs

My wife and I had tried a couple of other day cares only to leave feeling that there had to be something better out there for our children. All Starz stepped up and met our expectations fully. It didn’t take long to figure out that after enrolling our firstborn, this was where his brother would start and finish daycare as well. Everybody at All Starz has been incredibly professional, caring and clearly have the best interests of our kids in mind. I feel that my children are always a step ahead socially and academically based on the structure, discipline, environment and undeniable quality of personnel that encompasses All Starz. Not to mention, the kids love it, too.


- Parent of a child in the Junior Program and a recent graduate

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