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Our Promise


We promote the development of the whole child – their individuality and their social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical skills.


We are committed to providing the highest quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum possible. This provides a stimulating and challenging play-based environment where every child can experience life at his or her own pace. When given the choice to explore a rich environment, children develop self-confidence and an enthusiasm for learning, which inadvertently brings a smile.


We strive to ensure that each child’s time with us is a happy one filled with hugs and positive praise. They will develop a sense of themselves as valued, sensitive, creative, and imaginative individuals.


Parents are welcome to visit at any time, as they are an integral part of our “extended family unit.” They are valued as experts in the knowledge of their own child and we are here to support them.


Our well-qualified educators create a nurturing environment that stimulates learning. They are facilitators in the exploration of the world and are the heart of our organization. Teachers are encouraged to ask open-ended questions to the children, promoting discussions and initiating problem solving skills.


We designed our campus around the four basic environmental components required by children. Our environment:


  1. Encourages movement

  2. Supports comfort

  3. Fosters competence

  4. Encourages a sense of control


Children are active, hands-on learners who benefit from an attractive, orderly room arrangement, with an array of materials for them to select and use in open-ended ways. Our environment is a cozy, home-like space where everyone has a sense of belonging. Reggio Emilio referred to “the environment as the third teacher,” and we have set out to adhere to his theory.


We feel that the owners, management, staff and teachers all genuinely care for the children and each other, and it's confirmed by the smiles we see greeting us at the door of the school and the classrooms each day. We never have to worry about safety or our son's learning experience...we feel comfortable dropping off our "baby" every morning knowing that he will be cared for and loved all day long.


- Parent of a child in the Freshman Program and a recent graduate



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