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Five Star North Carolina Rated License


The quality of care a program provides is critical information for parents. In order to give parents the best indication this quality of care, the North Carolina Division of Child Development began issuing star rated licenses to child care centers in 1999.


Child care programs can receive one to five stars, with a rating of one star indicating the minimum standards are met and a rating of five stars indicating the highest standards are met. A 75% “compliance history” is a minimum standard for any licensed program. With this compliance history, a program’s star rating is based on two components:


  1. Staff Education – an evaluation of the education and experience levels of the administrators and teachers

  2. Program Standards – an evaluation of the daily environment at your child’s program, which includes the physical environment (sufficient space for and a variety of materials), the child-to-teacher ratios, and classroom observations


In addition, programs can earn a “quality point” for enhanced standards in both staff education and program standards.


Here at All Starz, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Which is why we are a five-star program. Our safe, secure, and healthy environment is enhanced by our educators. Each day, our talented team members go above and beyond to prove that our school is deserving of this honor. They provide the best learning environment for our students through interactive, experiential activities and a balance of self-guided and teacher-directed opportunities. We appreciate everything they do and congratulate them on this outstanding achievement!

I feel that my children are always a step ahead socially and academically based on the structure, discipline, environment and undeniable quality of personnel that encompasses All Starz. Not to mention, the kids love it, too.


- Parent of a child in the Junior Program and

a recent graduate



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